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Your production will grow on the mortgage financial services platform


To be successful, Mortgage Professionals must be able to fit the needs of their clients. We understand that one size does not fit all. Not only do we offer the full suite of FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA products, but also offer NON-QM loans, bank statement loans, foreign nationals, commercial financing, farm & ranch financing and more. Another avenue for growth is utilizing our Special Programs Department to bring down payment assistance to your clients. You will be surprised how many doors open because you have the ability to provide down payment assistance and mortgage credit certificates to consumers. Don’t give your competition an opportunity to talk to your referral partners. Join MFS today and give your clients what they need.

Mortgage Professionals should work on their business, not in it. Let us help you expand your referral relationships with our expense account program for qualified producers. Join MFS today and spend more quality time growing, not chasing your tail.

Mobile App

Real Estate is mobile in today’s world. The MFS Mobile App does everything today’s sophisticated borrower needs from searching for homes, running scenarios, uploading documents, monitoring loan status, getting pre-approved…and is branded to each individual Mortgage Professional. While some competitors want mobile technology to replace the loan officer, MFS wants mobile technology to promote the Mortgage Professional.

Professional Marketing Support Department

Today’s Mortgage Professional needs to be just that…professional. Our Marketing Department provides the advertising power Producers require to make impressions. MFS provides our Mortgage Professionals with everything from a searchable custom “Vault” with flyers to custom designs for open houses & listings to magazines advertisements to billboards to radio spots. Whether you know exactly what you want or just an idea, the MFS Marketing Professionals deliver what you need.

Social Media Support Team

At MFS, we encourage the responsible use of social medial to make sure our Mortgage Professionals are connected in their communities and around the globe. Our Social Media Support Team will help design and manage (if desired) social media accounts for Producers. The question is not whether or not Mortgage Professionals need a presence on social media, the question is how well they do it.

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Employee Benefits

Your family is our family at Mortgage Financial Services. We designed our employee benefits options with that thought in mind. Not only do we provide excellent health, vision, and dental insurance options, but our employees can select cost effective supplemental insurance to cover every situation. Your family and the future is important to us. Let us demonstrate how we take care of our number one asset, our people.

Company Provided Financial Advisors

Through our relationship with Edward Jones Investments, all employees have access to discuss long and short term financial goals with our dedicated financial planners. Our employees and their family’s financial security are always a top priority.

Customized Compensation Strategy

At MFS, we don’t believe “one size fits all”. We prefer to tailor make a compensation plan to each individual producer. We also make sure Producers are protected from regulatory uncertainty. Whether you are a Producing or Non-Producing Branch Manager, Individual Loan Officer, Team Leader, and/or Sales Manager, tell us what your goals are and let’s discuss how to get you there.

Award-Winning CRM

Monitoring, Managing, and Maintaining past client databases and referral relationships can be a time consuming task. However, at MFS we provide our Producers with Mortgage Returns by Ellie Mae award-winning CRM to support and promote communication and more referrals. We make this experience unique by managing it for you. One easy way to find new business is to talk to old business…Join MFS and let us show you how.

Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Creating a culture of education and growth is important for member of the MFS team. We encourage Producers to grow utilizing the many resources available. Again, we don’t believe “one size fits all” which is why we encourage Producers to share different experiences with different coaching organizations. Our Producers are and/or have utilized the following: The Core Training, John Maxwell’s REAL Success, Todd Duncan’s Sales Mastery, Tony Robbins & the Mastermind Summit, Jeffrey Gitomer, Xinnix Academy and many more. Let’s grow together!

Support Staff

If there is one way to describe the service level at MFS, it is that we “spoil” our Producers. Our Producer-centric environment promotes getting the consumer their keys and getting the loan funded. You will not hear “that’s not my job” at MFS. At every step of the mortgage process, our Support Team is focused on two things…getting the loan closed on time and helping the Producer get more referrals.

Onboarding Concierge

Once you have made the decision to join the MFS family, our Onboarding process begins. Our Concierge team will order your press release, business cards, marketing materials, laptop, id’s/pw’s, and anything else you may need. We want you to hit the ground running the minute your license is approved to originate with the NMLS. With your “Welcome to the DreamTeam” binder, our Concierge team will walk you through every department at Mortgage Financial Services. Just remember, everything we do is on your behalf and first impressions mean the world to us. Our goal is to make your referral partners wonder why you didn’t join Mortgage Financial Sevices sooner.


Trust is the key building block of any organization. When the Executive Team first met to discuss building the best origination platform for producers, it was decided that being transparent to our people is the brightest path to accomplish such. At Mortgage Financial Services, everybody is a customer and everybody has a voice.

Loan Scenario Help Desk

Every so often there comes a loan scenario that just doesn’t fit into a standard box….whether it is income, assets, credit, property, anything. Our Loan Scenario Help Desk is your resource to get those “out of the box” loan scenarios sorted out. We don’t want our Producers to ever say “No”. Our Producers get the answers they need to close more loans.

Proactive Compliance Department

The Compliance Team at Mortgage Financial Services serves many functions. One of which is to be proactive and educational in order to help Producers grow their business the right way. It is true, we live in a compliance heavy industry…but we use compliance as an advantage to help bring value to our clients.

TRID Expertise

We don’t miss closings…period. Our Disclosure Desk and Closing Departments work hand in hand to make sure your borrowers close on time, every time. Our loan manufacturing process is designed to ensure accuracy and timeliness. At MFS, we keep our Mortgage Professionals focused on sales and customer service and not getting bogged down in disclosures. Let us show you how easy TRID is when you have the right teammates working to get your more referrals.

Producers Council

At Mortgage Financial Services, we work hard and we play hard. It is important to remember that FUN needs to be part of the everyday work cycle. At MFS, not only do we give recognition and reward our Top Producers, but we incorporate their successes into breeding more Top Producers. Education and mentoring are important. The entire team gets better if we encourage each other and share ideas. Work with MFS, grow your business, get on the Producers Council, and get the recognition and rewards you deserve.

Lead Generation for Producers

As a producer-centric organization, our focus is to constantly get better at everything we do. Part of this drive is helping our Producers get more leads, build new relationships, and close more loans. Let us promote you, help you earn preferred lender relationships, educate referral partners, market your past clients, refer you loans from our consumer direct marketing efforts, and many more avenues of growing your production. We truly are the Home Loan DreamTeam. Let’s talk today about growing your business.

The Mortgage Financial Commitment

Fulfilling the American Dream of Homeownership

At Mortgage Financial Services, we understand the dreams of homebuyers and the objectives of our industry partners. We understand the end goal is to secure home loans for homebuyers. That is why our focus is to provide unparalleled support throughout the home loan process. We are your home loan partner every step of the way.

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