I’ve been in the Mortgage Business a long time… I have worked with wholesalers, bankers and Lenders. I take great pride and care with who I align myself and my team with. I have to work with individuals who are like-minded, results driven and posses the same mentality of working start to finish, not 9-5. I have always been a BIG fan of Brad Sullivan and Debbie Wooten. They know how to get deals done and done in a timely manner. I have stated time and time again, a Loan Officer is only as good as his or her back office and support staff. We have the BEST. No overlays, no BS. Our business is littered with mortgage companies that promise the moon but simply can’t deliver. If I can help one producer or branch It would be worth the time to put this to paper. To all originators who wish to grow their business there is NO better platform to operate under, period end of story.
Dennis McDonough Mortgage Professional